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I live in the city but have a raised bed that abuts the south side of my house. I've been growing tomatoes, onions, spaghetti squash and peas all summer, and am planning on creating a temporary greenhouse over the space to grow herbs, lettuce, etc. Any suggestions on materials/where to get them/what to grow? My living room window right...
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Here are some pics of my tomato harvest:


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Happy Kitchen Garden Day everyone!

CIEDM will hold a workshop atr Arcadia EcoHome on the subject of "Environmental Protection...

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I can't wait to start my new kitchen garden. Looking for organic seeds.
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Planning to start a number of household kitchen gardens in a very economically backward village called Uchimedu (Bahoor Commune, Pondicherrry, INDIA) on the 26th August.
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KGI's friends at have written up a nice retrospective on the Drummondville front yard garden case here. The victory was also covered in some other places including the Canadian press and TreeHugger. Thanks again to the 29,000+ people who signed the petition and to the great team at Causes for making their online tools so easy to use. And, of course, thanks to Josée and Michel, the true heroes of this story!...




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