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Penny Leyer commented on Karen Rutberg question
We have 27 4x12 raised beds whose produce will be going to a food pantry once per week. We would appreciate suggestions on plants that are: - delicious eaten RAW - fast to grow / high yield per sq ft / easy to grow - easy to portion - travels well Thank you!
Dianne Joseph-Benjamin posted a status update 
Robert Long asked a question 
when do you start planting tomatoes outdoors by seeds
Elizabeth Dry posted a status update 
March 28th is POP's build day in Dallas for the new Jardin de los Miloagros
Elizabeth Dry posted a status update 
joycelmoore commented on Lakeyloo13 - status 918408049
I'm mostly vegetarian so i eat a lot of fruit and veggies.My whole life i've wanted to plant a garden.
joycelmoore posted a status update 
Ready for Spring. Hopefully it will arrive in the next couple of weeks! Winter has been harsh.
joycelmoore blogged  

Hopefully, we are only a couple of weeks away from spring. Great time to begin planning for...

Magazines are great at making homes look beautiful, perfect, even ethereal. There’s never a...

stuartbernstein commented on Planting Asparagus from Crowns

Planting an asparagus bed may well be the smartest thing you do this year, right up there with...




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