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Hey campus farmers! I am working with a college that is interested in starting an aquaponics project and hopes to eventually sell tilapia to their school's cafe. I am wondering if any of you out there are already doing anything like this and would be willing to talk to me about your experience! You can e-mail me at or call me at 650-906-3436...any help would be greatly...
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Is fhere anything by name TUBE COMPOST?
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tariq tanveer shared an image 
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After being an advocate for" Truth In Labeling" almost 16 years now I'm amazed at...

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I have just started to receive seed catalogs this year. I used to order organic seed from The Cook's Garden, but hadn't for several years, so I was surprised to receive their catalog. It looked glossy and big, compared to what I remembered. Yes, indeed. It is now owned by Burpee.
sagelady posted a status update 
Looking forward to the spring. Have permission to start a School Garden project at my grandsons school. Will apply for the grant and hopefully get it...but if not...will do the garden worth the effort and expense.
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lettuce living wall

 we have a lot of walls here just for privacy and protection not any other use. just  i think  ...




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