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Alanpeterson245 commented on How to Grow Ivy Indoors

      Although normally associated with historical buildings and being an outdoor plant ivy does...

buchanna vodnala posted a status update 
respected sir
Chicago commented on Make Your Own Hot Sauce
homemade hot pepper sauce

Tabasco sauce is the brand name for a hot pepper sauce produced in Avery Island, Louisiana.  You...

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Mary G. Brhel posted a status update 
I love seeing super healthy gardens growing in boxes, cut out plastic bottles amongst a few other "un-usual" containers. Confirming that it does not require large portions of earth to grow veggies. (Click on cabbage link) growing joyfully in a box!http://fineartamerica.com/featured/pacific-coast-cabbage-heads-mary-gonz...
Andrea Gardner asked a question 
We are looking for Gardeners that are willing to test a new invention that we are bringing to market that reinvents the hand trowel. It is a multi-functional design which does a 180 shift on how hand digging is normally carried out. Perfect for Gardeners with Rheumatoid Arthritis that find it a challenge to work for long periods. We are...
Karen Rutberg asked a question 
We have 27 4x12 raised beds whose produce will be going to a food pantry once per week. We would appreciate suggestions on plants that are: - delicious eaten RAW - fast to grow / high yield per sq ft / easy to grow - easy to portion - travels well Thank you!
Forrest Wheatey blogged  

      Although normally associated with historical buildings and being an outdoor plant ivy does...

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when do i sow tomato seeds and how




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