You can grow your own food. And we can help!
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help on indoor growing carrots???

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my name is brandi I am starting my indoor garden I am supper excited I just want to thank kitchen gardeners for helping me when I have questions.
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For DIY brides, possibly the simplest arrangement to develop on your wedding day is an all-rose...

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Hello. we have about three hours of sun light that shines on our yard, 10:30-1:30. we have a lot of trees. we were thinking of starting a garden to grow our own food. is this possible? we live in the middle of North Carolina.

The  biggest problem that I find here in New Zealand is the inability to get permission to put...

Mas Mahsa posted a status update 
I want to start my very first raised bed mini garden. Am interested in tomatoes, basil, mint, and jalapeños. Somewhat whichever may be the best fit for this season. Any tips, recommendations? Please share!
Samsung commented on Raspberry Quinoa Muffins
Raspberry Quinoa Flour Muffins

This is my first foray into cooking with quinoa flour. Quinoa is 100% gluten free and it seems...

The  biggest problem that I find here in New Zealand is the inability to get permission to put...

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Welcome the 2015 Autumn gardening season ~ Vegetables for family and friends...herbs for home and market~ Classes for those whom wish to know more about the 'food' we depend on for good health and survival. Contact Sage Hill Farms and we will take that first step together....




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