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Hi Ethelyn, I used to know these things off the "top of my head" but am researching plants and will be happy to advise you as much as possible!
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I will help you with what I remember, I used to be an avid organic gardener with a big I live in a tiny apartment but am attempting to have an 8X3' raised bed. I know I will have extra seeds...but live in CT, USA. Would mailing seeds be a problem?
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Also, I am going to put up a 4' grow light (in my bedroom,) to start seedlings, although seed packets have become so expensive, it will limit me. I wish there was a way to "share" seeds for those of us who do not need 1,000 carrot seeds!
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It's 2/18 and I am thinking about how to fix my partially built raised bed of 8X3 with more boards to make it higher, am worried about the corners and it's been slammed together by nails. I am also going to try square foot gardening but haven't gardened since my 20's and I'm 65. (I did buy a kneeler/bench.) I lost all of my old gardening "bibles!"
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